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Located in Virginia Beach, VA

I, much like the rest of the population, love to snack. I grew up like most kids being told that "grazing doesn't count as dinner", but charcuterie boards are the golden loophole to this rule. That is why they hold such a special place in my heart. Whether it is a night in with friends or you're hosting the event of a lifetime, a charcuterie board is always a great idea.

 I started Long Board Charcuterie to share my love of these boards with everyone. No matter the occasion, there is never a bad time for brie covered in honey comb or a great prosciutto paired with a fig jam. Not only are they delicious but they elevate any event you are hosting while giving you the luxury of relaxing with your guests and actually enjoying your event!

- Katie Eckhardt, Owner & Chief of Grazing


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Thank you so much for the incredible charcuterie board, for delivering it, and for making the process of ordering it so easy!  My family and I loved every single bite of food.  I appreciate that you sourced the best quality of every product.  We will definitely be ordering from you again!.” 


“I wanted to say thank you so much for that awesome Brunch Board.  It was wonderful! The food was great and the presentation was amazing! ” 


-Felicia M

-Sonya M

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